Profusion: The New Trendsetter Brows Review

Profusion The New Trendsetter Brows is an eyebrow kit that features everything you need to keep brows well groomed.


I'm all about keeping my brows looking nice and well groomed, so I was excited to see that this all-in-one eyebrow kit was inside of my Profusion Beauty Insider Box. The packaging is really nice, and I love that everything you need to groom and maintain your #eyebrowsonfleek is easily accessible and kept nicely intact inside the kit.

*Sent for review via the Profusion Insider Program

The Profusion The New Trendsetter Brows includes eyebrow wax, eyebrow highlighter shades, brow powders, stencils, tools, and a dual ended brow pencil. I think this set is great for makeup beginners, beauty lovers, and freelance makeup artist. If you're a freelance makeup artist, you will definitely appreciate the fact that the brow powders included come in a variety of colors, for different skin tones, or hair shades. Or if you just love experimenting with different looks, you will appreciate the different brow powder shades.

The brow powders are highly saturated in color, and have a nice smooth texture. When swatched on the hands they apply really nicely, and they don't look powdery at all. There was one color on the top row in the deep brown shade that applied a bit patchy, but I find that it's nothing you can't fix. You can just build up the color if you like. I love how easy it is to apply the powders since Profusion included a spooly, and a duo ended slanted brow brush. They apply, and blend beautifully.

One thing I would of liked for Profusion to add is to name the shades of the brow powders, that way it's easier to describe each color. (Below you will see swatches with a description of the color, hopefully I did a good job describing lol).

Moving on to the dual ended brow pencil, it is one of my favorite products in this kit. The dual ended brow pencil is super creamy, and very pigmented. You can easily fill in your brows, or create a brow with the brow pencil.

The highlighters in the Profusion Brows kit come in two shades, and I prefer the lighter champagne shade to highlight my brow bone. It also acts as a multi-tasking product since you can also highlight the inner corner of your eyes, to make eyes pop.


The eyebrow stencils in this kit are awesome! I really like them because they are made of a sturdy plastic, not cheap or thin. I also like that they come in a variety of brow shapes, so that you can easily fill in your brows. Moving on, Profusion also included an eyebrow gel. It's a really nice mini that you can pop in your purse. The only down side to it is that although it holds my brow hairs in place, it just makes them look to shiny. I'm not a fan of that look, but if you are then I know you won't mind it.

Overall thoughts:

I'm a fan of the Profusion The New Trendsetter Brows kit. I love the brow powders, highlighters, dual ended pencil, and all the tools provided in the kit. I highly recommend it to anyone that's on a budget and doesn't want to spend $40 on a similar kit.

My rating:

5 out of 5 stars


The Profusion The New Trendsetter Brows kit retails for $12.50 and is available for purchase on the profusion online store

What are your thoughts on the Profusion The New Trendsetter Brows?

                          *Sent for review via the Profusion Insider Program. Opinions shared are honest, and my own.



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