Reviva Labs: Skin Lightener And Brown Spot Fade Cream Review

Reviva Labs Skin Lightener & Brown Spot Fade Creams are two skin care products that are formulated with Kojic Acid that help brighten, and fade dark spots.

My thoughts Skin Lightener For Day:

The Reviva Labs Skin Lightener For Day is the perfect fade cream because it's infused with natural ingredients like mulberry, lime, and kojic acid. These ingredients work together to help reduce the appearance of dark spots, and other skin discolorations. The Reviva Labs Skin Lightener For Day is also safe to use when you go out or experience sun exposure since it's formulated with SPF 15 that helps by protecting your skin from darkening even more. I absolutely love it because not only does it help lighten my melasma, it also moisturizes my skin and helps keep it feeling soft, and hydrated. I've noticed that my skin looks so much brighter, and more even.

My thoughts Brown Spot Night Cream:

Same as the Skin Lightener For Day, the Reviva Labs Brown Spot Night Cream help reduce the look of brown spots, and skin discolorations. It's also the perfect night cream because it has a rich texture, and I wake up with supple skin. The only difference between the two creams is that the Brown Spot Night Cream does not have SPF 15, and is only recommended for use at night to balance your day time treatment.

Overall thoughts:

Both creams are fantastic, and have improved my skin making it look more even like I mentioned above. Plus there are no parabens, alcohol, and both products are cruelty free. If you're looking for a natural way to lighten skin discoloration, I highly recommend Reviva Labs Skin Lightener For Day, and Brown Spot Fade Cream for night.


The Reviva Labs Skin Lightener For Day retails on sale for $8.45 and the Brown Spot Fade Cream retails on sale for $7.80 and are both available for purchase on iherb dot com

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