Top 3 Affordable Color Correcting Makeup

Color correcting makeup is what's trending in beauty. So today, I'm sharing my top 3 favorite affordable color correcting makeup that I use on a daily basis, and for special occasions.

1.e.l.f. Tone Adjusting Primer in Green:

The e.l.f. Tone Adjusting Primer in Green
reduces the look of redness, and is perfect for anyone that has rosacea, or any redness on the face caused by acne, or acne scarring. Not only does it reduce the look of redness, but the e.l.f. Tone Adjusting Primer in Green mattifies the skin leaving it feeling smooth, and oil free for hours. Retails for $6 in drugstores and e.l.f. dot com

2. L.A. Girl Pro Conceal Color Correcting Concealers:

The L.A. Girl Pro Conceal Color Correctors come in a 3 piece set and are perfect for concealing all of your imperfections. The green corrector cancels out redness, the orange minimizes the look of bluish tones, or dark circles, and the yellow is perfect for concealing, and brightening your skin. They also come with a brush tip applicator that makes it easy to apply. Blend with your favorite beauty sponge and you're ready for foundation. Retails for up to $10 on amazon dot com

3. Wet n Wild CoverAll Color Correcting Palette:

This small beauty gem covers it all! The Wet n Wild CoverAll Color Correcting Palette comes with 4 concealers that help brighten, neutralize, and highlight your facial features. Use the yellow or purple to conceal and help brighten dull looking skin. The green conceals redness, and the white is the most gorgeous pearly highlighter that is perfect to use on top of your cheeks, and bridge of nose. Retails for $4 at drugstores or wet n wild beauty dot com


What are some of your favorite affordable color correcting makeup?



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