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Brand Feature: B’ellegant Cosmetics Melted Lipstick Review
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Thursday, 3 Mar 2016

This is a Flash Back Friday Post


B’ellegant Cosmetics is a new cosmetics brand that focuses on making handmade cosmetics like melted lipsticks, as well as handmade bath salts and more. Today I’m talking about their brand new Melted Lipsticks that recently launched in the colors Cali-Sunset, and Anjela.

My thoughts:

I remember around summer I started following the owner of B’ellegant Cosmetics. I love her page since she is also a beauty lover like me (check her page here). She mentioned on Instagram that she was going to start her own cosmetics company soon, and I couldn’t wait. I immediately followed the brand page for updates on the release of the melted lipsticks. Finally, on February 19th her Melted Lipsticks released and I purchased 2 out of 5 trendy shades.

The B’ellegant Cosmetics Melted Lipsticks retail for $12 each but I used code Grand to save 15%. The current code is Belle reducing the price to $10.80 each. The colors Cali-Sunset and Anjela are gorgeous! The color Cali-Sunset is described as a beautiful burnt-orange red, and the color Anjela is described as a deep sexy burgundy plum shade. Both colors are fun, and on trend.

The consistency of the melted lipsticks is pretty smooth, and all you need is a pea size for full coverage since they are very pigmented. I can’t believe how pigmented they are! They have a glossy look to them when you first apply them similar in my opinion to Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipsticks except for the fact that the Too Faced are not as shiny as the B’ellegant Cosmetics Melted Lipsticks.

The brush applicator makes them easy to apply on your lips, and I didn’t feel the need to use a lip liner. The brush tip applicator applied the Melted Lipsticks evenly. The B’ellegant Cosmetics Melted Lipsticks are glossy so I was afraid that it was going to feather or smudge. I’m happy to report that I didn’t experience any feathering and I believe it’s because of the fact that a pea size is all you need. I think if you apply too much product it can feather or even smudge.

The B’ellegant Cosmetics Melted Lipsticks are not long-lasting, so you will need to retouch/reapply. The good thing is that you will notice them fading in the center of your lips usually after eating and drinking and they don’t get all over the place. One down-side is the scent. I’m very sensitive to scents so I’m picky. Anyway I think they smell exactly like liquid foundation, but it’s not a big deal. The scent eventually fades away after a minute or two.

Here are swatches:

B'ellegant Cosmetics Melted Lipstick in Anjela

B’ellegant Cosmetics Cali-Sunset Lip Swatch by Precious 416 Blog
The colors are so on trend and very unique. Both shades make great additions to my makeup/lipstick collection. What color is your favorite?

Final thoughts:

Overall, I’m so happy with my B’ellegant Cosmetics purchase. I love the formula and the colors. Plus they are also affordable. I definitely will purchase more from the B’ellegant Cosmetics brand.


The B’ellegant Cosmetics Melted Lipsticks come in 5 shades, retail for $12 (use code Belle to save $) and are available for purchase on the B’ellegant Cosmetics online store, shopbellegant dot com

Check out the B’ellegant Cosmetics Instagram account for updates on new launches and promo codes that can save you some $. @bellegantcosmetics

Are the B’ellegant Cosmetics Melted Lipsticks on your list?



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