Nicka K New York: True Matte Lip Color Review And Swatches

Nicka K New York True Matte Lip Color is a pigmented matte liquid lipstick with the smooth glide of a gloss that delivers intense rich color that lasts for hours.


During the summer I won the Nicka K Electric Summer giveaway (YouTube unboxing here), and these lippies were part of my prize. The shades I won are Jazberry Jam, Vivid Violet, Cornflower Blue, Harlequin, Turkish Rose, and Millbrook. I actually owned 4 of the True Matte Lip Colors that I purchased during spring and was already planning a review. Since I had 2 of the same shades I actually decided to gift them to my hubby's co-worker that loves makeup. Finally after months of playing around with each shade, I'm reviewing them for you.


The packaging is pretty simple and cute. I like the font, and I that you can see each color on the tube. Plus Nicka K made it easy for you to distinguish the shades by including a sticker with a number and shade name on the bottom of each tube. The Nicka K True Matte Lip Colors are available in fun, bold, and everyday shades that are affordable costing only $2.99 each. If you're on a budget you can definitely purchase a couple of colors or all 18 shades without breaking the bank.


Moving on to the formula, there are some hits and misses for me. The colors Turkish Rose, Cocoa Bean, Millbrook, and Jazberry Jam apply the smoothest. With the more bolder, and brighter shades I experienced some unevenness, or patchiness when applying. I have to apply multiple layers in order to get smooth even color.


I really like that once I apply the shades they really do last a long time just like Nicka K claims. Like any other liquid lipstick they will come off if you eat any foods with oils, but once they fade it's not all over the place. I also like that the Nicka K True Matte Lip Colors don't feather, or bleed. There are a couple of  downsides to the Nicka K True Mattes:

1. Once I apply the True Mattes, some colors don't dry down to a complete matte finish.

2. After they dry, they feel a bit tacky on the center of lips

3. The shades Cornflower Blue and Harlequin have a chalky feel to them.

Here is more product information from Nick K New York:

Pucker up! This exceptional lip color is the perfect marriage of the rich payoff of a matte lipstick, and the comfortable glide of a gloss. Saturate lips with one of 18 bold shades and let the color set for a flawless matte lip that lasts!

Overall thoughts:

Overall, I really like the Nicka K True Matte Lip Colors. My favorites are Turkish Rose, Jazzberry Jam,  Millbrook, and Cocoa Bean. Although I like 4 shades out of the 8 that I own, I don't think I will purchase anymore. I'd rather try other lippies and makeup from Nicka K's affordable cosmetics line.

Price/where to buy:

The Nicka K True Matte Lip Colors retail for $2.99 and are available to purchase on the Nicka K online store, and your local beauty supply store.



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