Wet N Wild Beauty: Mega Cushion Soft Matte Lip Cream In Melon It Like It Is

Mega Cushion Soft Matte Lip Cream is part of Wet n Wild Beauty's newest cushion makeup line that features highlighters, color correctors, and contouring products. Each Mega Cushion Lip Cream comes with a soft cushion applicator that helps you control how much product goes on your lips.


Finally, I decided to try cushion makeup. When I first discovered the trend it was with Korean makeup, but most of the products were too expensive. I love that Wet n Wild Beauty is now offering similar makeup for such a low cost. I wanted to purchase the whole Mega Cushion Makeup collection, but as always my Walgreen's is always late with stocking up new products. When I went to buy all I saw was the lip creams, but because I already own so many lippies I decided to buy just one of the Mega Cushion Lip Creams in Melon It Like It Is. I tend to purchase melon, peachy, and apricot shades the most so I figured why not buy what I'm familiar with right?

The Wet N Wild Beauty Mega Cushion Soft Matte Lip Cream has the cutest packaging ever. Plus, the tube is not bulky and looks similar in size to my mini Too Faced Melted Lippies that I absolutely love. Inside the packaging is a round cushion applicator. I find it pretty easy to use since all you do is squeeze out the product and basically it squishes the product when you apply. The cushion is quite soft, a bit messy since I find that when applying it goes over my lip lines.

I really like that I'm in full control of how much or little product I want to apply on my lips. You can apply a lot of product for more vibrant bold color, or use the cushion to blot off product from lips for a soft more barely there look. You can also use a tissue like I did in swatch below to achieve a stain like look. Once the Mega Cushion Soft Matte Lip Cream is on your lips it feels pretty comfy, and unlike other soft matte lip creams I've tried (NYX brand to be exact) they don't dry or accentuate the lines on my lips.


The Mega Cushion Soft Matte Lip Cream transfers and it is not kiss proof. However, I love that it does last a long time on my lips. I really like that after I eat or drink it fades evenly. Because the Mega Cushion Soft Matte Lip Creams are labeled as "soft matte" they have a semi-matte not full on matte finish. If you're looking for a full on matte lippie these are not for you.

Here is product information from Wet N Wild dot com:

"Its ok to be a control freak. This cutting-edge cushion applicator allows you to take control and choose the level of color intensity for your lips. Feeling bold or barely there? Its up you! This lightweight lip cream provides the perfect matte color using the latest in cushion technology to deliver the perfect gradient lip or vibrant pop of color. Perfectly portable for on-the-go gorgeousness."

Overall Thoughts:

I'm glad I got the chance the new Wet N Wild Mega Cushion Soft Matte Lip Cream. I love the color, and the fact that I can control how much product to use. I'm not too sure if the Mega Cushion collection is limited edition, but if it is than I will definitely like to purchase more products from the Mega Cushion line like the highlighters, and color correctors before they're gone for good.


The price is just right at only $4.99 and there are 2 more shades available. You can purchase at drugstores and Wet N Wild Beauty dot com.

What do you think of the Wet N Wild Soft Matte Lip Creams?



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