6 Beauty Brands That Want To Work With You Plus Links To Apply

Beauty Bloggers, there are brands that want to work with you! If you just started your beauty blog, and have been blogging about 6 months and you post at least 1-2 times a week, I'd say it's time you apply to work with brands. Let's face it not every brand is going to contact you. There are so many new beauty blogs, so it's hard to keep up. The good news is Beauty Bloggers are wanted! 

I looked up Bloggers Wanted on Google, and do you know how many brands are out there looking to work with you? A lot! There are so many amazing brands in the fashion, and beauty categories that are looking for bloggers to review their brand or product. I found 6 beauty brands with great opportunities for you. Plus I actually got to work with one of those brands featured on this post. Read more below:

1. StarLooks Cosmetics:

About: StarLooks was founded by Marci Star a makeup lover, and professional makeup artist. StarLooks Cosmetics is a line of professional HD cosmetics that also has a perfect sized line that you can purchase to sample. StarLooks also has their own line of LooksBooks that you receive on a monthly basis curated by professional makeup artist. Each LooksBooks features perfect sized makeup products that are perfect for each season. It also includes tutorials on how to use the products.

This is a company I was fortunate enough to work with you can see some of my posts here on my Instagram page dedicated to my makeup and review blog.

What does the beauty blogger program offer:

The StarLooks beauty blogger program offers free products and the chance to earn commission.

Link to apply here

2. Fragrance and Cosmetics Co:

About: Fragrance and Cosmetics Co was founded in 2004 and they are committed to excellent customer service and quality products. The products sold on their online retail store are prestige products.

What does the beauty blogger program offer:

  • Blog exposure
  • Access to free gifts
  • Free voucher worth $50-$100 when you sign up to help facilitate posts
  • Lifetime 20% off loyalty discount on all products site wide

Link to apply here

3. Makeup Magnets:

About: Makeup Magnets offers unique makeup accessories created by professional artists, and makeup enthusiasts. Products include the original hands free magnetic palette and magnetic round stickers.

What does the beauty blogger program offer:

  • Link Sharing
  • Additional Exposure
  • Makeup Magnet's products

Link to apply here

4. Bdellium Tools:

About: Bdellium Tools makes handmade brushes designed by makeup brush experts in California. The brushes are made of synthetic and natural hair bristles. In 2015 they launched their first cosmetic product the Auto Lip Crayon available in 7 shades.

What does the beauty blogger program offer:

The beauty blogger program is for active reviewers on YouTube, blogs, and other social media channels. You must meet the Bdellium Tools requirements before being accepted. The products that they offer for review are not specified.

Link to apply here

5. Xtreme Lashes:

About: Xtreme Lashes is a semi-permanent lash company that was established in 2005 by Jo Mousselli and family. The products that they offer are length and volume mascaras, brow pens and pencils, serums and more.

What does the beauty blogger program offer:

  • Free to sign up
  • Free full-sized products
  • Special promotions and unique code

Link to apply here

6. Era Minerals:

About: Era Minerals is a makeup company that makes natural products made from minerals with full coverage that claims to protect and heal the skin. They also sell  professional makeup brushes.

What does the beauty blogger program offer:

  • Free access to Era Minerals products
  • The chance to try newly released products
  • Attract traffic to your blog

Link to apply via their contact form here

I hope that you found this information helpful, but before you apply to these companies or any company I want to share one last thing. Some of the beauty brands featured make it easy for you to apply, but if you are applying via their contact form please be sure to include the following:

  • Your blog URL
  • Social media links and stats
  • Traffic stats even if your numbers are small some companies will still work with you (I'm proof of that)
  • Tell them who you are and why you do what you do
  • Also, do your research about the brand (what you like and why you'd like to work with them)
  • Follow up with them if you don't here from them via their email (give them at least 2 weeks to get back to you)

Comment below if you applied to any of these brands. Thank you for reading!



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