Beauty News: BH Cosmetics Is Launching New Highlight Palettes

Beauty junkies, you are going to love BH Cosmetics next product launch. If you're all about the #highlightonfleek life, than their newest Highlighting Palettes are for you. They will be releasing 2 highlighting palettes in different shades.

1. Spotlight Highlight Palette

Includes six shades that look perfect for many skin-tones. It looks like it would give you a sun kissed glow highlight since it has rose gold, and bronze shades.

Source for photo: The BH Cosmetics IG page

2. Blacklight Highlight Palette

This highlight palette looks absolutely gorgeous! It also includes 6 shades, and has more of a pastel, unicorn feel to it that seems to be very popular on Instagram. It features pastel pinks, lavender, and light blue. The shades look similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Palette, which is more expensive.

Source for photo: The BH Cosmetics IG Page
The price has not yet be determined, but I'm guessing that they will not cost more than $20. If you would like to know more information on when BH Cosmetics will be releasing their new Highlight Palettes,  then be sure to sign up for the BH Cosmetics Newsletter here. I know I definitely want to get my hands on these.

Check out the BH Cosmetics Instagram account for more sneak peeks here.

Are the BH Cosmetics Highlight Palettes on your list?

Source for photos: BH Cosmetics Instagram Page



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