Beauty News: Tarte Cosmetics New Unicorn Collection Is Launching Soon

Wow! Tarte Cosmetics is launching the most magical beauty collection ever. Their newest makeup collection has a unicorn theme that so many beauty junkies like myself absolutely love! Tarte's new makeup collection is called Make Believe in Yourself. 

Tarte shared a sneak peek of their newest collection on their IG story and I just had to share. Here are some pictures from their insta:

Source: Tarte Cosmetics Instagram Page
Source: Tarte Cosmetics Instagram Page
Source: Tarte Cosmetics Instagram Page
Tarte's new Make Believe in Yourself collection features:

1. A beautiful Jewel-toned iridescent eye shadow and cheek palette

2. A rainbow highlighter with 4 iridescent shades in lilac, pearl, peach, and a bronze shade. 

3. A Vegan Magic Wands Brush Set that includes: 

  • Contour brush
  • Eye shadow brush
  • Powder brush
  • Shading eye shadow brush
  • Liquid foundation brush

PopSugar has all the deets on this new collection plus some pretty cool photos. You can check that out here

Tarte Cosmetics Make Believe in Yourself Collection will be launching on or around March 15th. 

For more information on Tarte's Make Believe in Yourself Collection and to see more sneak peeks check out their IG page here

Source for photos: Tarte's Instagram Page 
Source for product information: PopSugar



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