Best Free Blogger Template Sites

If you are an established beauty blogger or beginner these free Blogger template sites are perfect for you. What I love about each one is the fact that each site offers free no cost to you beautiful templates. All you have to do is make sure you keep the credits or name on the footer of each template intact.
They also offer a small fee to remove it, but if you are just starting out, or have more than one blog keeping the credits is ideal and saves you some money too. Here are my favorites:

1. Premium Blogger Templates

Premium Blogger Templates offers free and premium Blogger and Blog Spot templates that are easy to download. They offer responsive, magazine style, and adapted from Word Press themes. Each theme or template has their own special features such as widgets, and sidebars. The site is pretty easy to navigate and they were my first choice when I decided to use the Blogger platform. Check them out here

2.  Gooyaabi Templates

Gooyaabi Templates is what I'm currently using on Beauty Bloggers Resource and I love it! I'm so happy that I found their site because they offer so many amazing modern, beautiful, and magazine style templates that will suit any style. Plus each Blogger template is SEO ready, and offers features like widgets, sidebars, and email subscription widgets. Just like Premium Blogger Templates, Gooyaabi Templates is easy to download. If you need any help you can easily access their help center for additional information on how to set up your new template.
Check them out here

3. Sora Templates

Sora Templates is similar to Gooyaabi Templates and they also have  amazing free blogger templates that are also SEO ready, and have a professional look. Some of the blogger templates that Sora offers can also be found on Gooyaabi. Check out Sora Templates here

For those of you looking for free Word Press Templates here's my choice:

4. AThemes

AThemes offers free and premium Word Press themes. My favorite theme for beauty bloggers is Fashionista. It's a beautiful clean and simple responsive theme that could be used on Word Press dot org self hosted sites. Check them out here

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