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One of the best things about beauty blogging is the fact that you get to share your thoughts on products that you buy yourself or sometimes they get sent to you. Not only are you sharing your thoughts on products, but you will also have to share a photo of the product/products that you are talking about. We all don't have the latest HD camera, or photography skills for that matter, so today I'm sharing where you can get free stock photos that don't suck online and download them to your computer.

When I started Beauty Bloggers Resource I didn't want to take pictures because that's something I already do for my makeup and review blog, and I'm not the best at it. So for BBR I still wanted to include photos, but I wanted my photos to look clear, beautiful, and of course match the topic that I'm talking about.
I don't have all the resources to come up with beautiful photos, so instead I opted to use free stock photos. While searching I found some great sites, but most of them you have to pay for, or to download any stock photos you have to leave the watermark. That was not something I wanted. I was looking for free, quality photos with no watermarks. 

Finally, I found out that there are a couple of amazing websites that offer free High Resolution stock photos that you can use under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. You can use the free stock photos anywhere you'd like. So for beauty bloggers you can share the free stock photos on your blog, Instagram, or any other social media platform you have. One of the sites that I'm going to be talking about is Pexels dot com. All of the stock photos I've used for BBR come from Pexels dot com. I absolutely love the Pexels site, and I really wish I found out about them sooner. 

Pexels offer a variety of photos to choose from, and they are categorized on their site by topic so that you can easily find what you're looking for. You can also search for a specific topic as well. So for instance, if you are looking for makeup or beauty photos all you have to do is type in makeup in the search bar and you get a nice list of photos to choose from. Once you found the photo you want to use for your blog, you can easily download it to your computer. Pexels also gives you the option to choose the photo size too which I think is really nice. 

Here is information on Pexels and more free stock photo sites:

Pexels provides completely free stock photos under the Creative Commons Zero license. There are over 25,000 high resolution photos available on their site. The photos that you can choose from are hand picked photos that are uploaded by Pexels users, and sourced from free images websites. Pexels mission is to help writers, designers, artists, and other creatives to get access to beautiful photos that can be used for free. Check out Pexels here

Unsplash is similar to Pexels and every photo on the Unsplash site is free to use under the Creative Commons Zero license. You can do whatever you like with the photos. The photos are categorized by collections, and when you first get to the Unsplash site you will see new photos as well.

Each photo that you see in the Unsplash site has been donated by photographers. Once you see a photo you like, you have the option to click on the photographers name and you will be able to see more photos from that specific photographer.

The photos can be easily downloaded to your computer, but you don't have the option to choose a size which to me is not a big deal.  If you are a beauty blogger that takes amazing photos you can also upload your own to their site and who knows that can give you more exposure. I definitely recommend checking out the Unsplash site. Check out Unsplash here

Canva is another great site that you can use for free stock photos. I've been using Canva since 2015 for all of my blog graphics, and more.  They are a free easy to use drag and drop design platform that's been around for 2 years, and have 10 million users worldwide. They made an awesome list of 73 free stock photo resources and to make it easy for you to determine which sites are the best, they included a star rating for each. You can check out their list here

Finally, free stock photos that don't suck from three amazing sites! Each site inspire me to create great content, as well as improve my photography skills. Comment below if you found this information today helpful, and please share with your friends.



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