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You Are Amazing is a bath and body brand that's on a social mission to empower young women to be confident and strong. Each You Are Amazing product is formulated without parabens, never tested on animals, and is made in the U.S.A.


When I went shopping a couple of months ago at Target, I was browsing the bath and body aisle to repurchase one of my fave lotions. It wasn't available, so I decided to try a different brand when I stumbled upon the You Are Amazing brand. I was first drawn to the price since each You Are Amazing brand only retails for $3.99 and on top of that there was a sale. I remember I reached for a kit that included a fragrance mist, body lotion, and wash. I wanted to buy it but I knew I wasn't going to use all the products, so I opted to purchase the body lotions that I really needed instead.

The You Are Amazing brand features many bold, and fun scents like Coconut Water, Juicy Grapefruit, Mango Papaya, Vanilla Bean, Lemon Meringue and more. Since I love fruity and sweet scents I decided to purchase Coconut Water that smells like a vacation in a bottle, and Mango Papaya, that smells as yummy as it sounds. I find that once I apply the Mango Papaya scent it can be a bit too strong, and it smells more like imitation mango. On the other hand the Coconut Water has a really warm, sweet scent that definitely smells like the real thing, and I think it has to do with the fact that it's made with real coconuts.  

Both lotions are perfect for dry skin, are moisturizing, and hydrates the skin. I love that both fragrances absorb quickly into the skin and that they are not greasy. I really like that the You Are Amazing body lotions are paraben and phthalate-free so anyone with sensitive skin can use them, or if you're like me with children that love using your stuff like lotions, hair products, can be certain that no harsh chemicals are penetrating into their skin which is a plus for me.

Fun Fact about You Are Amazing brand

Every You Are Amazing bath and body product you purchase helps benefit Girl Up the United Nations Foundation’s adolescent girl campaign. Girl Up provides leadership development training, to empower girls to change the world.

Overall thoughts:

I'm so glad I decided to purchase the You Are Amazing brand body lotions. I love how good they smell, plus the way my skin feels after use. The price is also a plus retailing for only $3.99! I will purchase more from the You Are Amazing brand.

Price/availability/where to buy:

The You Are Amazing bath and body products retail for $3.99 individually, and up to $9.99 for gift sets. They come in a variety of bath and body products such as lotions, body mists, body washes, and exfoliators, and can be purchased at Target online and in stores, as well as Walmart.



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