Beauty News: Beauty Creations Cosmetics Is Launching The Sweetest Collection

Photo Credit: Beauty Creations IG Stories-Edit: Precious 416 Blog
Beauty News, Beauty Creations an affordable cosmetics brand is launching a new collection called the Sweetest Collection. If you're not familiar with the Beauty Creations brand, they are the sister company to BeBella Cosmetics that was founded by Esmeralda Hernandez. The products are cruelty free and beauty on a budget friendly.

The Sweetest Collection will feature (from what I've seen so far that is) 3 products, 2 eye shadow palettes, and 1 highlighter palette that all have a candy theme. I've been following Beauty Creations for a couple of months now, and have been eyeing their makeup since they sell affordable, yet trendy cosmetics. The Sweetest Collection looks like so much fun, and are said to all have a sweet scent to them.

If you're a fan of Too Faced Cosmetics, but don't want to splurge I think that this collection will be amazing to try. I couldn't take a really good snap shot of the inside of the palettes, but you can still get a good glimpse of what the inside looks like. The eye shadows look like warm, neutral shades, as well as some cool-toned browns, maybe they will be chocolate themed.

If you love colored highlighters, Beauty Creations created a really pretty Sweet Glow highlighter palette that features 3 pastel shades. I just can't wait to see some swatches to determine whether this collection is pigmented (which I have high hopes that they will be).

Beauty Creations mentioned that more pictures of their Sweetest Collection will be shared soon, and hopefully on their Instagram page to see a clearer shot of the products. I'm excited for this collection, and hope to get my hands on 1 of the eye shadow palettes and of course the highlighter palette. 

The launch of the palettes is not known, to learn more about Beauty Creations and to stay informed about their newest launches check them out via Instagram here

Will you be buying the Sweetest Collection when it launches?



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