New Now: Wet N Wild Beauty MegaGlo Highlighting Powder Shades

Photo Credit: Wet N Wild Beauty dot com-Edit: Precious 416 Blog

New and available now Wet N Wild Beauty MegaGlo Highlighting Powder Shades. A couple of days ago Wet N Wild Beauty gave us a sneak peek via their Instagram feed (click here to see) that featured fan favorite MegaGlo Highlighting Powders. I own both of their very popular shades that are Precious Petals and Crown Of My Canopy. I absolutely love the formula and of course the glow. 

Wet N Wild just released 4 new Highlighting Powder shades today and they are available now. Plus they are offering free shipping when you purchase $19 worth of products. The new MegaGlo Highlighting Powder shades are: 

1. Blossom Glow

2. Golden Flower Crown

3. Royal Calyx
4. Botanic Dream
The new shades look beautiful and thanks to Refinery29 we can all get a peek of what they look like on different skin tones.

Swatches belong to Refinery29 check out the article here

So beauty lovers, are you excited for the Wet N Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder shades? Will you be getting your hands on them, please share your thoughts below. 

The Wet N Wild MegaGlow Highlighting Powders retail for only $4.99 and are available for purchase now on Wet N Wild Beauty dot com 

-Photo Credit: Wet N Wild Beauty dot com and Refinery29 



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