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Photo Credit: Sally Beauty dot com-Edit: Precious 416 Blog

Beauty lovers, there's a new brand that is coming soon to Sally Beauty! COL LAB Makeup (stands for color, create, & community) the first makeup brand created by beauty influencers. I don't know about you, but this is my first time hearing about this. I actually went to Sally Beauty's website to find out more about Bitzy Cosmetics since I recently won a giveaway. I just wanted to know what other products they sold, and then I saw  an interactive banner that said coming soon to Sally Beauty. 

I immediately clicked on the banner and was so happy to see that this new makeup brand will be launching online in October, and in store in November. Not only that, the new COL LAB Makeup brand was created by beauty influencers some of them I know and others not so much. Regardless, I still think it's so exciting to see beauty influencers creating makeup for everyone (hopefully they are also affordable). Here's a picture taken from Sally Beauty dot com of the beauty influencers that helped create the brand COL LAB Makeup:

 I'm so excited for the products that Sally Beauty will launch! There's a variety of everything you need for the perfect canvas like skincare products, and foundations. Also included in the COL LAB makeup line are:
  • brushes
  • lip products 
  • eye shadows and more
Check out the photos below: 

So, are you excited for the new COL LAB makeup launch? What do you plan on buying? 

The new Sally Beauty COL LAB Makeup brand will launch online at Sally Beauty dot com in October, and in stores in November. 

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