Kinzd RFID Slim Wallet Review

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The Kinzd Wallet is a RFID (Radio-frequency identification) secure slim wallet, that's made of  high quality red wine cork fabric leather. 

My thoughts:

I know that this post is not your typical beauty related post, but I am a wife, and mom who also loves accessories. I decided to review the Kinzd Wallet because my hubby was in desperate need of a new wallet and I figured he would like to try a new design for once. (you will see what I mean below)

I am so obsessed with how the Kinzd Wallet is designed. I love the look of the red cork leather. It looks so cool and very trendy. Plus it's made with leather and the stitch work is perfection. Kinzd did an amazing job designing the RFID Slim wallet.

Left-Old bulky wallet with wear and tear, Right-Well stitched Kinzd Wallet

I also love that the Kinzd Wallet is so lightweight, and super slim. It also has a lot of  compartments that fit so many things like your ID cards, medical cards, money, and credit cards. In fact here are the exact amount of slots the Kinzd Wallet features:
  • 6 card slots
  • 1 ID window
  • 1 money or receipt pocket
  • 4 quick access credit card slots plus more

Staying on the topic of credit cards, the Kinzd Wallet is RFID secured, so all of your vital information will be safe and protected from electronic pick pocketing. I didn't know that wallets had this feature. I'm just so impressed by it. I mean check out the below picture, so that you can see the material that keeps electronic pick pocketing from gaining your information. 

I'm always telling my husband that he should change his wallet because he usually slips it in his back pocket. This is concerning to me because the wallet he normally uses is too bulky, and anyone with a RFID scanner/reader can easily have access to all of  his/our (because we are one) credit card information. Since he changed his wallet to the Kinzd Wallet, I don't worry. The Kinzd Wallet is so slim that you can't even notice he is carrying his wallet. Look how bulky my hubby's old wallet is compared to the Kinzd Wallet. 

What are your thoughts on the Kinzd Wallet yay or nay? So, if you guys like the Kinzd Wallet I really think it makes a great gift. I also think that the Kinzd Wallet is the perfect wallet for travel. If you like to travel, you can keep your vital information safe, and only carry the things you really need like ID's, passports, cash, cards etc... If you are interested in purchasing the Kinzd Wallet, Kinzd is giving my readers a coupon code that can save you some $ on your purchase. 

The code Kinzd is offering is:

  • KINOFF 20 for 20% off  if purchasing on their amazon site here
  • KINZD30 is for 30% off the fee if you purchase on the Kinzd site here
Overall thoughts:

I'm so impressed by the quality, and design of the Kinzd RFID Wallet. I think it's perfect for travel, and makes a great gift. Plus the fact that it secures your information is a plus. 

Price/where to buy:

The Kinzd RFID Slim Wallet retails for $11.99 and is available for purchase on Kinzd amazon store, and the Kinzd Wallet website. 

-Sent for review consideration via Kinzd Wallet. The opinions expressed are honest and my own. 



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