Sneak Peek: New NYX Cosmetics Brush

Photo Credit: NYX Cosmetics IG Stories-Edit: Precious 416 Blog

NYX Cosmetics gave their fan and followers a sneaky peek of their brand new brush. I'm not sure if the brush comes in a set, or if it's going to be sold as single brushes just like the ones sold at Ulta. They shared a black and white photo that says "one of these things is not like the other" Check out the photo below:

The difference is quite clear since all their original brushes are in black, and there is only one light colored brush inside of the brush holder. Here is the reveal below:

Again I'm not sure if the brush will come in a set, or if it's going to be sold as single brushes. However I really like the look, color and design of it. It has a nice silver with a shift to it that has some unicorn vibes? I don't know, but I'm excited to see more from NYX Cosmetics. 

Have you tried any of their brushes? Let me know if they are any good because I'm always on the hunt for good makeup brushes. What do you think of this sneaky peek? 

-Photo Credit: NYX Cosmetics IG Stories



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