Ultimate Kitchen French Press Unboxing Video Plus Review

Sent for review via Ultimate Kitchen

The Ultimate Kitchen French Press is a coffee, and loose leaf brewer that makes 4 cups of bold, never bitter coffee. It's made with a chrome finish, stainless steel, heat resistant design. 


I love coffee and drink it daily, so I happily accepted the opportunity to review the Ultimate Kitchen French Press Coffee Maker. I've tried so many different ways of brewing coffee, and have also paid a lot of money for a single cup brewing system. That system didn't make coffee the way I like it, bold and smooth. I got rid of the single serve brewing system, and went back to the old school way of making coffee.

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I started using a  colador which is the way I was taught to make the best Puerto Rican coffee (It's just a strainer with a wood handle). The bad thing about making coffee the old school way is that coffee doesn't come out the same. Sometimes if I put too little coffee or water I don't get that bold coffee flavor I love. Instead, my coffee is bitter, and after a couple of sips I just end up pouring down the drain. Plus you have to keep buying new colador's because they tear, the handle gets loose, and the actual cloth can get mold if not dried correctly. I don't have to worry about that with the Ultimate Kitchen French Press.

With the Ultimate Kitchen French Press, I'm able to make the best non-bitter, bold tasting coffee each time. I love that they included easy instructions on how to make the most delicious coffee with my new French Press. I'm blown away at how delicious my coffee tastes, and the fact that there are no coffee grounds inside of my coffee.  

Photo by Ivey G Precious 416 Blog

Precious 416 Blog

My coffee is  kept piping hot because It's made with an insulated borosilicate glass carafe. I really like the beautiful design of the carafe as well. The stainless steel gives it a nice lux look that really looks amazing on counter tops. 

There are so many hot beverages you can make with the Ultimate Kitchen French Press including tea. If you're a loose leaf tea lover, this is perfect since the 3-part filter keeps loose leaf, and coffee grounds from mixing with the water. 

Overall thoughts: 

I think that the Ultimate Kitchen French Press makes a great gift for any coffee, or tea lover. Plus don't forget about mom's and dads for the holiday season that's just around the corner. 

I'm so impressed with the Ultimate Kitchen French Press coffee maker. My coffee tastes bold, not bitter, and so delicious. I'm glad I got the chance to test it out. 

Where to buy and more info:

*The Ultimate Kitchen French Press is available on their website here: https://ultimate-kitchen.com/product/french-press-coffee-maker

*On Amazon here: http://a.co/aoN4goy

*For a video on making the best French Press Coffee, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMpNfmt9tas?rel=0

*Find them on Facebook and look at all of their awesome products here: https://www.facebook.com/UltimateKitc...


What's your favorite way to brew coffee? 

-Disclosure: Received free for review consideration. The opinions expressed are honest and my own. 



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