Review: Repiel Perfect Fit Mask Lightening

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The Repiel Perfect Fit Mask is a lightening/brightening mask that moisturizes the skin. It's infused with 8.0% of Glycerin known for its skin protecting properties, and for hydrating the skin. 


As an 08Liter member, I get to apply for products that are unique and new to me. I was thrilled to see I was one of the editors chosen to try the Repiel Perfect Fit Mask Lightening. I'm new to K-Beauty Sheet Masks, but I've heard so many amazing things about them. My skin is combination/oily, so I have areas on my face that are in desperate need of moisture. 

Before I get to my thoughts on the Perfect Fit Mask Lightening, let's talk packaging. I love how cute K-Beauty packaging is. This particular brand features a stethoscope, I just thought that detail of the packaging was so cute. The text on the mask packaging is in Korean, but on the back of the  box it came in the directions, and ingredients are in English so it's easy to read and understand.

Moving on, when I first removed the mask out of the packaging, I noticed how drenched it was with essence. There was so much essence left inside the package that I didn't want that to go to waste since this mask is infused with some good for your skin ingredients, I figured I use it all. Before I used what was left of the essence, I applied the mask that I thought fit perfectly. Now, remember I mentioned I'm new to K-Beauty sheet masks?  Well, I totally wanted to snap a photo of me wearing the mask, but silly me, I didn't know I needed to remove the protective mesh that was on top of the mask the whole 15-20 minutes I wore the mask.  

Regardless of that mishap, I found that the Repiel Perfect Fit Mask Lightening felt so cooling against my skin. The essence has a gel like texture that reminds me of a serum, or gel moisturizer. I usually prefer a gel formula since it soothes my acne prone skin, and its known to hydrate the skin as well. After the 15-20 minutes of using the mask, I removed the mask and gently massaged the essence into the skin. I also used the rest of the essence inside the package, and it felt like such a treat for my skin.

The Perfect Fit Mask Lightening claims to brighten with ingredients like Vitamin C, and Snow Lotus, but I didn't notice immediate brightening results the first time I used the mask. After my second time using the mask, I noticed a more brightened complexion and my skin looked rejuvenated. I definitely recommend that if you try the Repiel Perfect Fit Mask Lightening that you give yourself more than one treatment (this also depends on the skin type too, you may see brightening results right away)

The Perfect Fit Mask Lightening didn't cause any skin irritations, instead it made my skin feel moisturized, and hydrated for hours. This is a mask that is the perfect treat for your skin because it's also infused with Marine Science that is a concentrated unique compound of 4 marine plants. The marine plants strengthen skins barrier, and moisturize dry skin.

Overall thoughts:

I'm so impressed by the Repiel  Perfect Fit Mask Lightening. The Perfect Fit Mask, moisturized, hydrated, and soothe my skin like no other mask I've tried before.  I'm so happy I got the chance to try it because I definitely will be trying more from their brand, and other K-Beauty sheet mask brands. 


What's your favorite K-Beauty sheet mask? 

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