My New Store: EVG_Shop

Recently, I launched my own store via Tee Spring. I shared that news on my Instagram account here, and I also created a separate IG account to help promote and feature my new designs. This whole journey started out so that I can help raise money for my children's Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, I haven't sold anything yet. Regardless of not selling anything or trying to raise money, my children will have a nice Christmas after all. I'm a woman of faith and have always believed that God will always come on time, and everything including my children's lives are in His hands. 

Moving on since I created Ivey G Designs, I have gained followers which are mostly artists, and t-shirt designers as well. Connecting with other creators/designers is great, but my main mission is to gain customers. So, while designing for my TeeSpring store I was still looking for another way that I can create products to sell. This is how I discovered Zazzle. 

I really like the Zazzle platform because  I don't have to create campaigns unlike TeeSpring, and I have an actual store that people can visit any time to buy my designs. Of course like with any business, and even blog I have to work hard to get the results I want, and I'm willing and able to do just that. In about a month, I created 71 designs and have put those designs on different products that include mugs, t-shirts, totes, and more. 

I'm really excited for my store and I have so many dreams, and plans for the future. EVG_Shop is just the beginning of something bigger I have planned for my brand. I hope that you enjoy the designs, below is a sampling of products that I'm selling on my Zazzle store. Thank you so much for your support!
To read more about my store, check out my about me here, and Shop My Store Page here 

@iveygdesigns     @evg_shop  and   @iveygblog for more designs, motivational posts, makeup and more. 



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