BH Cosmetics: Shaaanxo The Remix Palette Review

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Shaaanxo The Remix Palette is the second addition to the first BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo Collab. The Remix Palette features 18 eye shadows in matte, satin, and pressed pigments. There are two sides to the palette. On the first side there are 9 original shades (from the first collab) and on the second side 9 brand new shades. 


I own the original palette that I purchased about a year ago around spring, and I absolutely loved the palette. I didn't review it then however, I featured the palette on my Instagram here. When I found out the second addition was coming out, I knew I had to have it. 

My mom actually purchased the new Shaaanxo The Remix palette gave it to me as an early Christmas gift. I was so happy and very excited to get it. The packaging is similar but has a darker pink cover and gloss circles that represent her beauty lights. Plus her name is in foil pink shade which is different from the silver that was on the original palette. 

The colors in the new palette are absolutely gorgeous! One of my fave things about the palette is the fact that Shaaanxo  kept the original 9 shades from the first palette. The eye shadows in the first palette became a holy grail palette since it features 9 neutral shades with beautiful deep browns, and stunning rose gold shades. There's also a yellow shade that is perfect as transition. In the Shaaanxo The Remix she actually named all the shades which I think is nice, and is perfect for those of you who follow tutorials. 

The second side of the palette like I mentioned above features 9 brand new shades. The colors are gorgeous, and I find it to be a very versatile palette. Not only can you create gorgeous eye shadow looks with the Shaaanxo The Remix Palette, you can also use some of the shades as blush, and blush toppers like the shades Dream Girl and Baby Girl. There's also a shade on the second side of the Shaaanxo The Remix palette called Island Glow that I find to be on of the most beautiful lid colors as well as a highlighter. 

I think that the quality of the eye shadows are similar to the original palette, but so much better if that makes any sense. Not only do they feel smooth to the touch, they are highly saturated in color, and apply and blend like a dream. 

Down side of the palette: 

Because there are five pressed pigments, when you apply them on to your eye lids there is a significant amount of fall-out. As with any eye shadow palette that is common. Fall-out wasn't something that bothered me, and I know it probably will bother other beauty lovers. To avoid messing up my foundation, I applied the eye shadows first, then applied my foundation and other face products. 

I had fun playing with the Shaaanxo The Remix palette and created a look that you will see below, but before that check out the swatches:

Shaaanxo The Remix Original "Holy Grail" Shades. From top-bottom, and'; left-right:

  • Clarity, Holy Grail, Glow Baby
  • Buttercup (my fave), Beach Babe, Terracotta
  • Toasted, Avocado, Silhouette

Shaaanxo The Remix Palette New Shades. From top-bottom, and left-right:

  • Island Glow (new fave), Need U, Dark Horse
  • Dream Girl, Stalker, Vampette
  • Bestie, Lover, Baby Girl

Beauty look created with the Shaaanxo The Remix Palette: 

Details of the eye look: 

  • Crease/transition shade-Need U
  • Outer/Inner Corners-Lover
  • Center of eye lid-Island Glow
  • Inner corner highlight-Holy Grail from first side (original shade) palette

I also used the shades Baby Girl and Dream Girl as blush and blush topper with Island Glow as my face highlight. 

Here is more information about the BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo The Remix Palette: 

Our first collaboration with global beauty influencer Shannon Harris (known to fans as Shaaanxo) was such a hit that we teamed up with her again on this Shaaanxo The Remix - 18 Color Shadow Palette. Her positive attitude and glam girl-next-door vibe have made her New Zealand's most subscribed-to influencer. She hand-picked the versatile, must-have mix of 9 earth-toned mattes and shimmers from the original palette plus nine new neutrals and bright pops of colors to flatter multiple skin tones.

Overall thoughts: 

It is so obvious that I love the new Shaaanxo The Remix palette. The colors are beautiful, the palette is versatile, and blends beautifully on the lids. I highly recommend that once it comes back in stock you get your hands on this amazing, well made eye shadow palette. Shaaanxo and BH Cosmetics did an outstanding job creating the second addition palette. 

Price/where to buy:

The Shaaanxo The Remix palette retails for $19, it's sold on the BH Cosmetics site. You can still get the original palette for only $7.30 at Ulta Beauty here

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