Review: BassWood Naturals Shimmer And Sunflower Lotion Bar

basswood naturals shimmer lotion bar

The Basswood Naturals Shimmer Sunflower Lotion Bar, is a handmade, made to order lotion bar that is infused with organic ingredients that help to moisturize dry skin. 

Thoughts/experience/product facts: 

This is my first experience trying a lotion bar. I'm used to regular lotions in a bottle or jar, and even pure Shea Butter in a large container, but this is a unique way of moisturizing your skin. The packaging is super cute, I mean look at the cute sunflowers that are painted on. I also love that the tin is convenient for travel, and even perfect to up cycle and use it for other things you have in your house. 

Moving on let's talk about the actual lotion bar. The lotion bar is molded into a beautiful sunflower design, and has a light natural sunflower scent to it that in my opinion is not overpowering. The Shimmer and Sunflower Lotion Bar is made with all organic and locally sourced ingredients. The ingredients include:

  • Organic Chamomile infused with Sunflower oil
  • Organic Mango Butter
  • Organic Coconut Oil 
  • Local Beeswax
  • Vitamin E
These ingredients work together to help moisturize, hydrate, provide protection from the sun, and soothe the skin. 

basswood naturals sunflower lotion bar

I've mentioned many times before that I wash a lot of dishes, that's one of many jobs I have as a SAHM (stay at home mom), so my hands are always in need of extra hydration. Plus in the winter my skin is totally not the same. My skin is super dry, and also cracks. 

I really think that the Basswood Naturals Shimmer and Sunflower Lotion Bar is amazing at hydrating my very dry skin. It provides so much moisture without being greasy, and I also find that because it's infused with Vitamin E, Beeswax, and Mango Butter it also has helped with healing, and soothing my skin. I apply the lotion bar everywhere including in between my fingers, and on my elbows.


I love experimenting with products so you know I had to find out if it helps with dry lips and on my face especially the dry areas around my nose, so I tried it as a lip balm and facial moisturizer too! I'm happy to report that it passed the test! 

This little lotion bar is super cute and small, but a little goes a long way. One of my favorite things about the Basswood Naturals Lotion Bar is that it warms up when you rub your hands on it so it creates like the best oil for your skin. I love it! It doesn't break me out either that is a major plus! 

Here is product information from the Basswood Naturals Etsy Shop:

Pamper your skin as the weather warms up with this lovely shimmer lotion bar! Packaged in a convenient tin jar for easy accessibility and travel.

Feel free to use this bar of goodness all over your body, but I especially like to use it on my hands right before bed I then awake to the softest smoothest hands ever! This is a great intensive bar for anyone needing that extra hydrating and healing care. It would look especially pretty on the legs for summer or on the collar bones for some healthy glow!

Hand made and made to order so that you are getting the freshest batch possible.

Final thoughts:

Since using the Shimmer and Sunflower Lotion Bar, my skin has improved in texture. It's so much softer, and there is a beautiful glow to it after each use. I love the fact that it's handmade, made with organic ingredients, and cruelty free. 

Price/where to buy:

The Basswood Naturals Shimmer and Sunflower Lotion Bar retails for $10 and is available for purchase online on their Etsy shop here

Have you tried a lotion bar? 

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