Santee $1 Foundation Review

The Santee Flawless Perfect Finish Foundation is a smooth, matte natural finish foundation with medium to full coverage. 


I purchased the Santee Flawless Perfect Finish Foundation on the Shop Miss A online store with some other products from their site (check out my haul here). I was excited to try the foundation since it has a lot of positive reviews. 

This foundation is housed inside a glass bottle that gives it a more expensive look. It also has a dropper, that is supposed to help you easily apply it to your skin, or mix your moisturizers, and even liquid highlighters. Unfortunately I really think that the Santee Flawless Perfect Finish Foundation doesn't need a dropper, because the foundation doesn't get properly sucked in. It's also really messy! 

I find that it has a typical cosmetics scent, nothing overpowering, and once you apply the foundation, it fades away. I purchased the shade #3 Pure Beige, and when I received the Santee Foundation, I noticed that it looked really peachy in the bottle. Surprisingly though, it matches my skin tone perfectly, blends out beautifully and reminds me of a BB Cream that changes into your perfect shade. It has a thick consistency, but that is not the case when blended onto the skin. 

The Santee Flawless Perfect Finish Foundation has a dewy finish in my opinion, and not a matte finish like the Shop Miss A site claims. If you have combination oily skin you will need to set the foundation with powder to give it that matte finish that Shop Miss A is talking about.

If you're like me and have imperfections like acne, acne scarring, or blemishes you will need several applications to hide your imperfections. I don't mind the fact that some of my imperfections peek through since I want my foundation to look like skin. This is a great foundation for anyone that has perfect, or close to perfect skin, but at the same time you may like this foundation since it gives your skin a perfect natural look without being cakey. 

Besides the dropper malfunction there is another downside to the Santee Flawless Perfect Finish Foundation, and that is the fact that it only comes in 6 shades. So if your skin tone is darker than medium, you can't purchase this foundation. I think that they need to add more shades for deeper skin tones. 

Final thoughts:

I'm impressed by this little dropper foundation, and continue to use it on a daily basis. I don't recommend that you use the Santee Flawless Perfect Finish Foundation for special occasions, and I think it's the perfect foundation for anyone on a budget. 

The Santee Flawless Perfect Finish Foundation retails for only $1 and is available for purchase on the Shop Miss A site. 


Have you tried the Santee Flawless Perfect Finish Foundation? Let me know your thoughts on it in the comment section below.



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