A Zen Approach To Combat Those Stressful Days

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If life was easy, would it be worth it? It’s an interesting question, but one that doesn’t have much use in today’s world. Life IS hard, however you look at it, and while we can all have those moments of bliss, there are also those days when it seems like we just have stress on top of stress. Alas, a bad day at the office rarely stays there; we bring it home with us, and it infiltrates our evening. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are things we can do to bring a touch of Zen into our lives. We take a look at how below.
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Walk it Off

There’s a reason why walking is sometimes recommended instead of antidepressant pills. It can have a magical effect on us, in ways that scientists don’t fully understand. But suffice to say, it does seem to work! If you’ve had a bad day at the office that you can’t seem to shake, then consider taking a walk around the block. We know that it might not sound like much, but it’ll help your mind to drift away into bigger things, which in turn will put the problems of the day into perspective.

Deep Relaxation

After the walk, it’s all relaxation. For some reason, most people don’t give much thought to what relaxes them. Sitting in front of a television might help you to relax a little, but you’ll still have that stress buzzing around in the back of your mind. To enter that deeply relaxing state, you need to create an environment that allows it. You can start by using an oil diffuser to give your home a relaxing scent; Aromatech makes a great model, so contact them if you haven’t already got on. Then light some candles, open up a book, and drift away into a more relaxing world for a while.

Switch Off the Tech

Technology - and by that, we mean smart phones and laptops - have done a lot of good for the world, but there is a downside. They’re patently not relaxing! And in many cases, they can increase a person’s stress levels. So if you’re trying to say goodbye to a stressful day, then leave FaceBook and Twitter behind for the night. You’re not going to miss much, and you’ll find it much easier to calm your mind. But if that still doesn’t do the trick, then the next one will….

Quiet The Mind

Meditation isn’t just for Buddhist monks! Ordinary, everyday people can do it, and the claims that its good for the mind isn’t just anecdotal - they’re backed up by science. So give it a go. After fifteen minutes of meditating, you’ll likely feel much calmer and at ease, and the worries of the day will be but a memory.

A Long Bath

And to top it all off, a tried and tested way to enter a relaxed state of mind: a long bath! Light some candles, add some foam, and fully unwind for thirty minutes or more.

How do you relieve stress?



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