By Improving Your Life Today, You Can Better Your Tomorrow

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Listen up. If life is getting you down; if there are pressures weighing heavily on your shoulders; or you are simply stuck in a rut, bored with what life is giving you, then you need to do something about it. Things will never change for the better if you procrastinate. Your life will never improve if you don’t do something about the way you live it. You will still be in the same place tomorrow, continually fretting over the lemons life has handed to you.

“But you haven’t walked in my shoes” we hear you say. No, we haven’t, and we don’t know what your life is like. “It’s not easy to make a change” you protest, as you tire of reading yet another self-help article. No, it’s not easy, but help is available, so you don’t have to draw on your own resources. Today, look at your life in all its different facets, and if there is anything you aren’t happy with, do something about them.

For example…

If you are stuck in a job you hate, consider getting out of there, and find ways to follow your God-given passion, rather than the dollar. Life is too short to be doing something you don’t like forever, and God has instilled within you skills and talents that could be better used elsewhere. Speak to a careers advisor, consider going back to education, and pray for guidance.

If you are dealing with financial problems, speak to somebody for help. There are charities out there who will help you manage your debts. Use a credit restoration service if your credit score is low. And start to budget your money, giving you a clearer understanding of the money you have available to you, and use wisdom in the way you manage it.

If you are having problems within your relationships, then we feel for you. But you don’t need to endure suffering because of them. If it’s with your partner, seek counselling advice from your church or a professional firm. If you are having problems with your children, talk to them, and consider a family counselling service. If there are people in your life who are toxic; those people who pull you down, remove them from your life and pray for them. Remember that God thinks you are special, even when others don’t treat you the same.

If you are dealing with stress or anxiety, don’t suffer alone. You can find mindfulness in even the most stressful of situations, taking stock of what is happening around you. Life can be tough,  but there is always hope. Talk to the people who can help you, seek guidance from a doctor, and pray for wisdom. Your health matters, so you shouldn’t have to suffer when there are solutions out there to alleviate how you’re feeling.

If you are having no fun in your life, do something about it. Start a new hobby, meet new people, and look for time to take part in the activities you have previously enjoyed. Life is boring at times, mundanity will get you down, but there may be pockets of moments each day that will lift you from the routines you find yourself in.

Finally, be grateful for your life. Sometimes, we need to get into a mindset of gratitude, as that can improve the way we feel each day. Be grateful for your family, and the people who love you. Be grateful for the gifts you have, and the opportunities you have to display them. Be grateful for the life God has given you, and ask Him to help you have a good day, rather than wish your life away worrying about tomorrow.



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