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Sometimes, it can just be hard to know what path we’re meant to be on in life. We’re so caught up in the monotony of going to work, coming back home and eating, and waiting to fall asleep. We often forget that there really is so much more to life than that. Life is all about living, and you can live without knowing who you truly are. But, don’t panic if you feel as though you’re on a path to nowhere. The amount of people who are going to feel exactly the same as you is actually enormous. People don’t tend to find themselves in life until they dedicate enough time to it, which for a lot of people, just doesn’t seem to happen! The longer you drift from yourself, the harder it’s going to be to find your true self. So, we’re going to give you a few tips that will easily help put you on the right journey. Have a read on to find out more.

Dedicate The Time

As we’ve already said, some people just can’t find the time to do this. They’re so wrapped up with work, running a household, trying to get out and see friends, etc.... What you’re left with is very little time to yourself, which is key to this. We don’t mean time to yourself whilst you’re doing the weekly shop, or doing the housework. We’re talking about time where it’s just you, reading a book, or sitting down quietly, and being alone with your own thoughts. When you get to this stage, you need to try and block out all of the other troubles in life. Because whenever we do seem to get a minute to ourselves, the only thoughts that rush through our minds are the ones that trouble us, or thoughts of what to do next. If you’re looking to truly clear the mind, you might benefit from something such as meditation. It’s not hard to do, and it’s not all about sitting with your legs crossed and gently humming. It’s about being in a quiet room, and learning to control the thoughts coming through your mind, so that you can eventually block them out. There are plenty of meditation guides that should be able to help you out! Dedicate at least once or twice a week to being alone and processing your own thoughts, if you want to actually try and find yourself.

Go Back To Your Youth

You were truly yourself when you were young. When you didn’t have to worry about bills, or work, or school work, or life in general. You would run around without a care in the world, and there was no doubt in your mind that you were doing what you wanted to do. As soon as we get to the older years of school, we start to lose touch with this free spirit. And it’s the lack of free spirit that’s often the reason so many people don’t know who they are anymore. Being so uptight all of the time because of anxiety is not a way to live life, yet, it’s what most of us seem to do. In a way, you’re going to have to get this free spirit back, and the best way of doing this is to be spontaneous. If for one or two weekends a month you just drop everything and go somewhere, you will start to bring out the fun side in you! You also need to think about the things that you used to love doing that you perhaps don’t do any more. For example, some of you would have been an absolute bookworm when you were younger, but now you might not even have five minutes to read an introduction. Finding yourself often involves giving yourself a hobby, giving yourself some worth in life. Even if that hobby is picking up a book and being hooked for hours, as least you know you’ve got something to look forward to outside the norm of life.

Speak To Someone

If you really are struggling to connect with yourself, and you feel like you’re on a path that’s leading further and further away from self acceptance, it might be worth speaking to a professional. It’ll be sort of like counselling, but think of it more as going to someone who is willing to listen. Kristine Klussman is a great example of someone who has helped many people on the wrong path in life, actually find themselves. All it would take is someone to listen to what you’re saying, and be able to point out the areas that you might be going wrong. Whether it’s that you’re overworking yourself, or that you’re trying to take on too many things at once outside work. There are many programs that you can take on that will help you feel connected with yourself again. You just have to take the leap and know that a program will change your life. If you don’t fancy talking to a professional, you could always try talking to a friend! Sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone you know about your troubles, especially if they’re really starting to get you down now!

Get Out In The World

Like we’ve said, it’s easy to lose yourself if you’re someone who is always doing one task after the other. Sometimes you just need to drop everything, and go out and see the world. Whether it be travelling around the country you live in, or getting on a plane and exploring the entire world. It literally is your oyster if you let it be that way, you just have to grab any chance you get to go and see it. Sometimes, making yourself more cultured, and finding out who you truly are is the best way of finding yourself in life. You will soon realize all of the amazing opportunities you’re missing out on.

So, before you lose track of yourself completely, use the tips we’ve gave you above, and go on a journey of self discovery!



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