Lique Cosmetics: Matte And Metallic Liquid Lipstick Review


The Lique Cosmetics matte and metallic liquid lipsticks, are a long-lasting high pigmented formula that features an angled doe-foot applicator for smooth application. 


I'm a huge fan of matte lipstick, especially matte liquid lipsticks. When I saw the Lique Cosmetics brand at Kohl's I was intrigued. They look so beautifully displayed, and when you first see the packaging you think that they are going to have a hefty price tag. When I saw the price I was like okay, these are reasonably priced. Each liquid lipstick retails for $12.

I really like that Lique offers two matte and metallic finishes in a variety of colors. I purchased four shades two of each finish. I love trying out unique, and bold colors so I purchased the following shades:

Cashmere (greige matte)

Doll Face (pinky red matte)

Ecstasy (barbie doll pink metallic)

French Kiss (unique champagne metallic)

I'm not good at describing the colors, so hopefully when you see the swatches below you agree. If not feel free to comment with your description. I just think that the colors are so gorgeous, and on trend. The packaging is really nice too, and it looks similar in my opinion to Bite Beauty. 

Moving on to application, I really love the unique angled doe-foot applicator because I can easily line my lips and fill them in with product. The formula applies smooth, and every time I apply on my lips, I get an even amount of product. These babies are pigmented! You get full on color each time. I love that Lique liquid lipsticks are long-lasting. These babies lasted me even while eating a delicious roasted chicken. Usually I have to reapply or touch up my lipsticks. That was not the case with Lique. I even drank and no touch ups required.  

Swatches of the mattes: Cashmere and Doll Face

Although they swatch beautifully and last a long time on my lips, there is a downside. Unfortunately, the Lique Cosmetics matte and metallic liquid lipsticks are drying! I just couldn't deal with how drying my lips felt. I experience that before with ColourPop's Ultra Matte Lips, but I think I prefer their formula instead. Lique's formula is so drying, and uncomfortable. I also noticed peeling skin, which is what I hate in a lipstick. Mind you I exfoliate before I apply matte lipsticks, and that didn't work. After hours of wear, my lips felt so irritated. 

I also had a difficult time removing them off of my lips. I used olive oil and a mix of Garnier Micellar Water for waterproof makeup. That mix worked well, and I was able to remove it. It left a stain on my lips, but that's okay. I truly wanted to love these, and even tried them on other occasions. The metallics were less drying, but still not a fave. 

Swatches of the metallics: Ecstasy and French Kiss 

I love sharing things that I love on my blog, but I also like to share if a product didn't work out as well. I'm glad I had the chance to try them. Although I didn't have a good experience with the matte and metallic liquid lipsticks, I am considering trying other lip products that Lique sells. Maybe the regular bullet lipsticks are better. Plus they have other products as well like lip wipes, lip balm and more. 


Have you tried the Lique Cosmetics matte/metallic liquid lipsticks? What are your thoughts?



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