Regaining Your Confidence After Injury

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Becoming injured can take the wind out of your sails quite dramatically. This is because it not only takes you from your usual daily routine but can force you to only focus on your misfortune and pain for a relatively long time. This also takes you out of the loop of the present day, as your recovery must be the main focus.

Of course, this can really harm your confidence. However, just like your injured body, this can heal and in some cases, become stronger than before. To allow this to happen, you might consider the following:


When injured, you are forced to sit down and reflect on your situation. This can be both good and bad. It’s bad because it can make you ruminate on the current difficulty you are facing. If you can, you must try to get out of this habit. We emphasize the word try because this is easier said than done. It might take time to heal from this. However, reflecting on your situation is sometimes very good indeed, because it affords you the opportunity to think long term.

When we’re rushing about in our normal day to day life, we can often stop thinking about our long-term situation in favor of the small daily responsibilities we have. It’s no wonder, it’s rare that you meet someone who is employed, has a family, and has any sizeable amount of free time at all. For this reason, thinking long term is finally something that you might be able to take advantage of.

If you have the ability to reflect and write in your injured state, consider making a small plan of how you’d like to use your remaining years. It might be that you decide to switch up careers, that you decide to finally prioritize that vacation, or that you truly wish to run that event you have been dreaming for so long. Simply sitting down and making these plans can help you realize that you have plenty left to experience, and from there you can make real plans to tackle it.


It might be that regaining your confidence could require a little push. It could be that you focus on working with a speech therapist to help you get your enunciation back to where it used to be. It might be that you slowly enter the public with your new eye patch, or catheter to feel body confident when wearing them. It might be heading to a dental clinic and having cosmetic work done to restore your great smile. All of these tips can help, but remember, no matter your injury, recovering with a little confidence and energy can help you overcome the worst. Remember, you’ve already survived the hard part. Now you have absolutely no rational reason to feel insecure in yourself, and despite that being true before, now you can absolutely feel that as a reality. Sometimes an injury can help you burst out of your shell and realize just how strong you are inside.

When making the effort to find out, you may just surprise yourself to the extreme. This can be a wonderful sensation and you deserve to feel it. We wish you the best of luck in your recovery.



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