Review: Nicka K Perfect Nine Palette in Desert Fairy


The Nicka K Perfect Nine Palette is an eye shadow and contour palette with six gorgeous shadows, two blinding highlighters, and a bronzer. It's available in two shades Desert Fairy (shown in photo) and Dreamy Rose. 


I'm a huge fan of Nicka K. So from time to time I like to stop by my local beauty supply to see if there are any new products from Nicka K to try. The brand is super affordable with the lowest priced item retailing only a dollar. When I saw the new Perfect Nine palette in Desert Fairy, I knew I had to have it. 

This palette is gorgeous, and totally up my alley. The colors are so pretty, and I love that this is an all-in-one palette. You can use the eye shadows on your lids for a beautiful shimmer effect, and also the highlighters. Plus the bronzer is great for contouring or even warming up your skin. 

I used the Nicka K eye shadow and contour palette multiple times, and each time I'm so impressed by the pigmentation of each shade. Every shade swatches beautifully on my arms, and I even tried some stencils. Although I'm not a huge fan of stencil swatches, they are cute,but not my thing. I just wanted to see if they swatched the same either way. As you can see below they are stunning! 

What do you think of the pigmentation? Okay so you're probably telling yourself, I'm not wearing these shades on my lids so how do they apply on my eyes? Well, they apply like a dream. With most palettes affordable or on the pricier side satin/metallic shades swatch and blend beautifully. This is the case with the Nicka K eye shadows in this palette. I use brushes, and the best tools God gave me (my fingers) to apply them. I tell you I have no complaints. They last a long time too with or without primer. One downside it can crease on me a bit. I have hooded lids so that's typical  for me with an affordable brand and higher end. I just make sure to prime, set the primer, and then add the eye shadow. 

Moving on to the highlighters oh my, they are beautiful! The highlighters apply evenly without any patchiness and I find that it melts into the skin. The highlighters don't look ashy or look streaky at all. Look how blinding they are! These highlighters are intense, and have a wet look to them that I love! Check out the swatches! 

Stunning right? I think that if you have fair to light skin you will love these highlighters. The bronzer that is the contour shade is also perfect. I don't contour my skin much so instead, I like to warm up my skin. The bronzer is perfect in my opinion. It's the perfect consistency and color between warm and cool. I love it. And it applies beautifully as well. Here's a photo of me rocking this palette. Check out #thathighlighttho ;) 

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Overall thoughts:

Overall I don't have anything negative to say about the Nicka K eye shadow and contour palette in Desert Fairy. Pigmentation is so good, application is amazing, and those highlighters are stunning! I can't believe that this mini nine color palette performs so well for such a low price. If you love beauty like me, but you don't want to splurge on pricier items this is a must! 

Price/where to buy:

The Nicka K Perfect Nine eye shadow and contour palette retails for $5.99 and is available for purchase online at Nicka K's online store. You can also find it at your local beauty supply stores and prices may vary there. (I purchased mine for $3.99) #bargain


What do you think of the Nicka K Desert Fairy palette?



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