Beauty Procedures That Are Experiencing Increasing Popularity

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Believe it or not, beauty is not actually real. It is a concept. It is whatever the society that we live in deems to be attractive or not. This is perhaps why what is considered truly beautiful, fluctuates and changes over time. Society today doesn’t have the same ideals of beauty as individuals in the 1700s, 1800s, 1900s would have. Now, with the heavy influence of social media and the cult of celebrity, beauty trends tend to come and go much faster than they did in the past. So, you may find yourself struggling to keep up! While it is always important to determine your own perceptions of beauty, it is also a good idea to keep on top of what’s in and what’s not to be aware of the different beauty procedures that are available on the market. Here are just a few that are experiencing increasing levels of popularity at the moment.

Eyebrow Microblading

The Cara Delevingne look is coming to the forefront of fashion. While we may have spent the past decade plucking and waxing our brows into thin shapes, full brows are almost becoming a statement piece. So, put down the tweezers! Not all of us, however, have naturally thick enough brows to achieve this look effortlessly. If this sounds like you, you might want to consider eyebrow microblading. This semi permanent form of tattooing gives your brows a thicker look without allowing them to look overgrown and messy.

Lip Fillers

You’ve probably noticed that the majority of models used in current advertising and marketing campaigns tend to have full lips. Celebrities also seem to be following this trend, with notable individuals such as Kylie Jenner making millions of dollars from lip based beauty brands. However, you should also be aware that all of these individuals weren’t necessarily born with on-trend lips. Take Kylie Jenner as an example. She’s renowned for having lip fillers. Many others are following suit and partaking in this subtle form of plastic surgery to achieve their desired look. While lip fillers are relatively inexpensive in comparison to other forms of artificial enhancement, you should still be sure to use trained and qualified professionals if you do choose to go ahead with this procedure. Alternatively, you can always give the illusion of full lips by overlining your lips when applying lip liner and lipstick. This is non-invasive and provides a fuller look.

Eyelash Extensions

One beauty trend that seems to have remained relatively consistent over time is long lashes. They give you that wide eyed look that appeals to so many of us. But put down the mascara and the curlers. You can achieve ultra long lashes effortlessly with eyelash extensions. These stay on day and night for weeks at a time, allowing you to even have long lashes on your makeup free days.

These are just a few common beauty procedures that you might have been considering. Hopefully, this has helped you to get to know a little more about them!



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