Commuting With Ease: Better (And Cheaper) Transport Options Than A Car

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Having a busy lifestyle is part of the modern woman, but money is, unfortunately, not. We spend a lot of our time whizzing back and forth from job interviews to social functions, or networking events, we can feel that a car would benefit us from time to time. But, the fact of the matter is, a car is not a cheap option, even if you had a hand me down from a long gone great uncle, and if you are struggling financially, but you are still working at making a name for yourself, you need to utilize better options than a car. So, in this workaday world, what are the better options than the humble car?

Rail or Subway
Whether you are in a big city, or out in the sticks, the old-fashioned train is still a reliable option for many of us. While there are many issues with regards to the model railway network, especially when it comes to issues like the cost of tickets, if you are in a major metropolitan area, the subway is a perfect way to get around for cheap.
Uber or Lyft
While a lot of us can't afford a cab, Uber or Lyft have been providing cheaper alternatives and has been making life easier for those trying to speedily get from one place to another during a working day, such as for meetings. With these methods, a lot of people have concerns based on the type of driver, because they can easily drive for hours on end without a break, this could very well mean that an Uber car accident lawyer will have to make an appearance, generally, these ride-sharing services come highly recommended. Not only this, but the quality of the vehicles tends to trump taxis. The privacy of these vehicles means that you can get a lot done on your journeys, which may prove to be quite difficult if you are taking public transport. In addition, fares are cheaper than taxis, so if you are in a bind, this will help, as well as the fact that you can pay for it all over the phone, makes it a very quick and convenient approach.
The common bus may be something a lot of us try to avoid, but if there are traffic jams, and the train is running incredibly late, the good old-fashioned bus could get us there very quickly. Bus lanes are one of the most advantageous features when it comes to taking public transport and in a built-up city area, where you have to dart across town to make a meeting or a job interview, the bus may well be a lifesaver.
For the up-and-coming career woman, there is no need to get a car instead. If you are living in a built-up city area, public transport is a lifesaver. Not only this, but as transport is generally cheaper, and the multitude of options gives you as many opportunities to get from A to B as quickly as possible, there is very little reason to have a car nowadays. And when you are working at making your ascension up the career ladder, you may feel tempted to provide an image of style, and this may mean getting a flashy car, but this is not necessary at all!




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