Dealing With The Dirty In Your House

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When you have a house to take care of, you’ve got to be prepared to tackle a bit of dirt every now and then. Dust, dead bugs in the lampshades, fluff and crumbs all over the carpet… there’s a lot you’re going to have to vacuum away every now and then. And then you can sit down at your desk, put some music on, and get back to work in the comfort that the house work won’t need doing for at least another 3 days. 

But there’s some parts of our household that can get extremely messy, and it can get quite overwhelming to try and tackle the area. So now’s the perfect chance to make sure you can always deal with the dirty in your life, no matter where it decides to accumulate; here’s a couple of tips to keep you going.

  Sometimes it’s creative mess… most of the time, not so much. (Image)

Tackle the Human Issue First

9 times out of 10, the reason our houses are so messy and grimy are because of someone else who lives with us who just doesn't pull their weight. They live their clothes all over the floor, they leave opened letters and paperwork all over the coffee table until you can’t see it anymore, they slouch on the sofa and ruin all of the cushions… It’s stressful having to go behind them and fix everything.

And of course they live there too, they’re allowed to spread out, but when it gets out of hand, it’s time to put your foot down. Tell them the problem and make them listen by reminding them it’s not a verbal attack; if they’re a little younger, offer them treats or rewards for cleaning up after themselves. Share the work load between everyone so it takes half the time to get anything done. Just make sure it’s not all on your shoulders any more without lowering
your standards!

Find Out if There’s Any Hidden Issues

If you feel your house gets a lot dirtier than it should, or there’s a weird smell coming from somewhere and you just don’t know how to fix that, get an expert out to give your house the once over. Don’t worry, even if there isn’t a problem, it’s always better to be safe than sorry (and the call out rates won’t be too expensive either). 

You specifically don’t want your toilet exploding on you, so make sure any bathroom issues you feel you may have are sorted out as soon as you realise. With care from services like Mr. Rooter Plumbing, you’re going to be living the high life again very soon! And when a professional has fixed up your cistern, you know it’s not going to be breaking any time soon.

Dealing with the dirt around you doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming, especially when you’re tackling the problems at their root. Get some support, put on your gloves, and don’t be afraid to get messy in return!



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