Never Feel Self Conscious Again!

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No girl should feel self conscious, but every single girl does. Granted, some will feel it a lot more than others, and some might hide the fact that they’re so self conscious. Whereas others will make it known to the world what parts of themselves they hate. It all depends on who you are, and what your personality is like. But, regardless of this, there’s nothing worse than hating something about yourself. Once you start, there really is no way of stopping, and your insecurities just keep growing and growing. It usually starts during puberty, when people find they notice the most horrible aspects of themselves. But, we’re here to tell you that no aspect of your body is horrible. Every woman is beautiful, unique, and full of positivity. So, before you carry on your life being self conscious, have a read of this article, and see if we can turn this all around for you!

Every Woman Is Different!

This is something that you really need to get into your head, before you end up driving yourself insane. Every single woman is different, yet all of us judge our own appearance on what we see on other women. These other women are usually the ones that you find on Instagram, with the perfect skin, hair, tan, and body! But, you need to realize that those that are Instafamous have their insecurities too, and there will be flaws that the camera doesn’t show. So, don’t judge your own body on what you need on social media, judge it with your own eyes, and compare it to yourself only. It’s such a mistake to start comparing yourself to other people, you really will spend your whole life self conscious if you start doing that! We love that every woman is different in their own way, it makes us human, and it allows us to have the confidence we need to respect each other, and respect that every one of us is unique. One thing we have noticed, is that women are a lot more respectful of each other now. A community is being built where women are empowering each other, rather than bringing each other down!

Almost Every Issue Can Be Solved

If you have a niggling issue with your body that you just can’t seem to get rid of, then we guarantee it can be fixed. Even the smallest of beauty issues can be solved, and even the smallest of beauty issues can turn into major ones. So, think about what your biggest insecurity is, and work on the issue until it is resolved. For example, for us women, one a lot of us have, and a lot of us end up just living with, is skin tags. They’re small extensions of the skin that can be found anywhere on the body, and even though they’re so small, they can make us feel so horrible! However, all you need to do is get a skin tag remover, follow the instructions, and get the skin tag removed. It could take no more than 20 minutes to solve an issue that has been causing you upset for so long. Even though we think about our insecurities a million times a day, hardly any of us actually think about what needs to be done to solve them, and the solution can often be so simple!

Work On Yourself

We often feel self conscious because we just don’t put in any effort to our own bodies. We’re so focused on every other aspect of our lives, and self care seems to end up far down the bottom of the pile. Self care is often just what the doctor ordered if you’re feeling a bit self conscious. So, next time you think you want to eat a Big Mac, or a pizza, swap it out for something healthy. We really recommend you try this for a few weeks. We’re not saying to cut out the treats altogether, but we do recommend you follow a clean diet. What this is going to do is completely transform your life. You won’t feel sluggish, your skin will become clearer, you’ll have a new found energy for life… the list could go on. The difference eating healthy makes is incredible, yet so many women don’t do it. Try it for just two weeks, and see what difference it makes to your life!

Self Acceptance

The final piece of the puzzle. Self acceptance is really important if you want to become a strong minded woman. You shouldn’t be worried about your insecurities, and worry more about your future. The more time you spend working on yourself and your own happiness, and accepting you for who you are, the better off you’re going to be!



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