Prevent Your Hair From Being Damaged In This Fiery Weather

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Now and then a weather condition comes along that is beautiful on the surface but could damage our luscious locks if we let it have free reign. Extreme cold can do it. So can extreme heat. It’s not hard to figure out which extreme we’re living in at the moment. While this weather is beautiful, it might take just a few methods of arranging our hair care methods in order to sustain our beautiful manes and implementing this each morning or evening could potentially help your hair from drying out or becoming brittle.

Consider the following:

Hair Oils & Washing

Remember that while washing your hair is absolutely important, it can be that neglecting a wash between days can help healthy hair oils to begin to gather, which helps protect your hair from becoming brittle and damaged from the intense fire of the sun. Washing with plenty of conditioning and rectification oils, such as tea tree, can help tremendously in the summer weather, keeping your hair moisturized and protected for longer.

Also, it’s sometimes best to avoid dying your hair in the intense heatwaves we are to experience this summer, as a new color can often lend itself to weakening the integrity of your hair for a time, and adding the double whammy of the sun to that can sometimes be a little more difficult for it to cope with. Fundamentally, exercising basic hair care tips like this can have the most effect, but also consider using:

DIY Hair Masks

A DIY hair mask, using ingredients such as avocado, olive oil, lemon juice and almost oil can help you revivify your hair and also help it become more malleable. In the summer heat, using natural ingredients such as this can lessen that chemical effect that is sometimes quite prominent to feel. DIY hair masks are cheap, can be whipped up in no time at all, and may serve as an emergency remedy for dull, dried or damaged hair in the summer sun, perfect for a day spent in the chlorinated water.


This tip sounds so obvious it’s unbelievable, but if you haven’t a great hat collection for summer, it might be worth doing so. A little shade can go a long way in helping your hair stay protected against the most damaging of sunshine intensities, especially if being somewhat magnified through a car window in a traffic jam. A collection of hats not only helps you tie together your summer wardrobe, but helps you keep cool, protect your hair and neck from burning, and of course give you an excuse to go shopping in these wonderful summer months.

To Summarize

To summarize, an effective combination of covering your hair, allowing its natural strength to shine through, and to exercise natural remedies can all help you ensure that your beautiful luscious mane is taken care of and that in the long run your hair will stay protected, and healthy from week to week.



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