Water, Water Everywhere... So Get In There And Have Fun!

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Wellness is a rich tapestry and sometimes, we’re a little myopic in the threads of that tapestry that we devote our attention to. Sure, our diet is enormously important, indeed it all starts with our diet. Even the healthiest and most active lifestyles can be nullified by years spent indulging in sugary, fatty or salty convenience foods. Likewise, exercise is important, too. We all know that regular exercise not only rewards us with a stronger, leaner, more capable body but the surge of stress busting dopamine and endorphins is an essential antidote to the quotidian stress that so many striving professionals experience regularly. But while these threads are doubtlessly of value, there are many other ways in which we must look after our health. Religious faith can be tremendously useful in helping us feel loved, humble and grateful for the bounty we receive on a daily basis. But a healthy relationship with nature is also essential to our mental health and overall well being.

Although our time spent with grass, trees, plants and animals is vitally important, here we’re going to look at water and the various ways in which proximity to bodies of water and even getting into the water can benefit our mental health whether it’s through aquatic motor sports; learn more about outboard motors here, or just good old fashioned swimming. There’s water, water everywhere, so get out there and have some fun in it!

There’s so much to do in the water

The great thing about water is that it offers such a broad range of activities that whatever your speed it’s likely that you’ll find something that’s perfect for you. Whether you enjoy a pulse pounding experience like white water rafting or water skiing or whether you prefer something altogether more sedate like a leisurely kayak down the lake or simply a swim. The sheer plethora of activities means that whatever your age, budget or fitness level you can find an activity that’s perfect for you.

It reduces stress and relieves anxiety

We all have sources of stress in our lives that we need to combat in a healthy and productive way. Whether it’s the day to day challenges of work, ascending the career ladder, family or marital stress or simply the frantic pace of 21st century living we all need to take steps to reduce our daily stress levels. Fortunately, proximity to water and spending time in the water have been proven to relieve stress… Just make sure that you’re drinking plenty of it too!

It enables you to spend time in gorgeous surroundings

Whether it’s a cold water creek or a mighty ocean, wherever there’s a natural body of water, there’s usually some gorgeous scenery close by. We all know that proximity to nature is a proven mood booster and can aid concentration, relieve stress and generally improve your quality of life.

It’s a great all round workout

Finally, spending time under water is both great resistance training and a cardiovascular workout, enabling you to burn calories while also building lean muscle mass as you push against the natural resistance of the water.

So go on… dive in!



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