How To Add A Chic Finish To Your Living Areas

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Everybody wants to live in a home that they love. To some, home decor may seem materialistic and frivolous - but it really does add to our lifestyles and how we feel about ourselves. You have to be comfortable in your home. Your surroundings really do make a difference to how you feel in yourself. They can boost your mood! So, if you can get your finances together in order to invest a little into your home, starting with your living space is probably a good idea. This is the space that you’ll spend a lot of time in, so it’s important for you to feel comfortable here. If this sounds like something you want to do, here are five ways you can give your downstairs area a chic finish.

Give The Main Area A Face Lift

The very first step here is to focus on the main area of the space in question. In your lounge area, this would be the walls. In your kitchen this could be the kitchen cabinets or the counters. And in your entryway it could be the floor. Think of this as being the space that really influences the room. When you change the color, wallpaper, replace the cabinets, and put down new flooring, you can get incredible results. So start with the biggest areas first and see what kind of difference that makes.


This sounds like a really simple solution. And it is. But it really works too! If you want to make sure that your living space looks and feels fabulous, you have to get rid of clutter. Clutter is only ever going to bring the space down. So keep your areas organized, and they’ll always look chic.

Add Some Atmosphere

To really spruce up the living areas that you have, you’ll want to work on the atmosphere. Think about ways that you can quickly add in warmth. Bring in candles for light and scent. Play around with lighting styles. Even think about bringing in some sounds to make your living room more relaxing or your kitchen more upbeat!

Focus On Chic Touches

Then, you need to set each of the spaces off with some really chic touches. Think wall art in the kitchen, coffee table books displayed fashionable in the living room, and maybe even a Buddha statue in the entryway. What kind of decorative touches do you think will really add to your decor?

Have A Focal Point

And if you really want the space to come alive, make sure that you’re working around one focal point. Maybe this will be your fireplace in the living room, the door in your entryway, or your center block in the kitchen? Focus on that main area of the room and build around it. If you want to make sure that one area is what people look at, or that it becomes the center of the room, you need to build your furniture layout and your decor around it to really maximize the feature.



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